Arnold Sports Festival Cancelled: The Show Must Go On

Here we are. On our way to the Arnold’s. An event we’ve been anticipating and planning for a year. 

The afternoon before we leave, we start seeing social media posts saying the Arnold’s is cancelled. Then Arnold himself issues this statement:

Our hearts sink. Did we spend an inappropriate amount of money and months of planning for nothing? Rumors were flying about whether or not the competition would take place. As one of the four key sponsors of the Strongman Corporation for the event, we waited to hear the verdict.

The eve before our flight was to depart, we got confirmation that despite everything, athletes would be allowed to compete. 

We knew that with no expo and without spectators being allowed to attend, running a booth wouldn't come close to being the success we thought it would be. We had a choice to make. We had signed on to support the Strongman Corp and provide the shirts for the athletes to compete in. 

These athletes put their heart and soul into to their training and have sacrificed so much in preparation for this event. If they were going to show up to compete, we would be there to support them.

So we made a last minute decision to downsize our team and make the best of our situation. 

So, here we are, in Columbus, Ohio, once again preparing for the Arnold Sports Festival. We will sponsor the Strongman Corporation, providing chalk and competition shirts to the hardworking athletes as promised.

You won’t see us donning face masks, but we will bring our support, healthy immune systems, and excessive hand washing practices - because the show must go on.

If you won’t be able to attend this weekend’s events, follow us on IG or Twitter and we’ll do our best to keep you updated. Make sure to check back after the event to see all our new styles! We will be honoring Arnolds discounted rates.

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