A tube containing 4 rolls of ABG stretch tape for lifting at the gym.
A woman using lifting tape at the gym.
A woman wearing a black racerback tank using stretch tape before lifting at the gym.

ABG Stretch Tape (4 Roll Tube)

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ABG (Average Broz Gym) Stretch Tape was specifically developed to be the ultimate tape for weightlifting. It's ideal for wrapping the thumb to improve the hookgrip, wrapping an entire palm to protect a torn callus, or around a shin to prevent barbell cuts.

ABG Stretch Tape is an adhesive tape, which by design will stick to your thumb and not move during training.

Due to the unique nature of the fabric’s elastic components, rolls may appear slightly different in size. The material is very stretchy and fluffy so during the “winding” process, where the material is wound onto the cardboard core, sometimes it is tighter than other times which yields a visually “smaller” or “larger” roll.

Each roll is 20ft long.