A large bottle 250ML of VIKN Performance Liquid Chalk at the gym.
VIKN Performance liquid chalk applied to hands before a barbell lift.
A bottle of VIKN Performance Liquid Chalk (250ml) - Grip Enhancer on a bench at the gym.

VIKN Performance Liquid Chalk (250ml)

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Keep your hands dry and improve your grip with VIKN Liquid Chalk - Grip Enhancer. This long-lasting, non-sticky formula goes on like lotion and dries like chalk, formulated to increase your gains and decrease your risk of injury at the gym.

Gym owners and lifters love our liquid chalk, because it's less messy and more sanitary than the community chalk bucket.  It's ideal for gyms who do not allow block or powder chalk.  

  • 250ml Bottle - great for refilling small liquid chalk bottle
  • Perfect consistency - never watery
  • Easy to Apply - smooth like lotion
  • Long-Lasting - requires less reapplication 
  • Professional Grade - athlete tested
  • Contains alcohol - more sanitary

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