A travel-sized bottle of VIKN Performance liquid chalk for lifting.
Lifter applies small VIKN Performance liquid chalk to hands in gym.
Athlete rubs VIKN Performance liquid chalk onto hands before lifting.
Athlete shows hands covered in VIKN Performance liquid chalk.
Large and small bottles of VIKN Performance liquid chalk for lifting.

VIKN Performance Liquid Chalk (50ml)

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VIKN Performance Liquid Chalk (50ml Travel Size) is a long-lasting, non-sticky formula that will keep your hands dry and improve grip. Increase your gains and decrease your risk of injury at the gym. Ideal for gyms who do not allow block chalk. Travel size and comes with carabiner.

  • Travel Size 50ml Bottle
  • Comes with Carabiner
  • Liquid Chalk
  • Grip Enhancer 
  • Easy to Apply
  • Long-Lasting
  • Professional Grade

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