Ambassador: Alisha Oden

Alisha Oden

 Vikn Ambassador Alisha Oden lifts a circus dumbell at the gym.

Alisha is a technical recruiter by day and a competitive athlete always.  Out of high school, she received a track and field scholarship from the University of Washington.  After college she competed in Crossfit for 5 years.  Her love affair with strength training quickly evolved once she started the sport of Strongman.

Alisha is fueled by the desire to earn her Pro Card as an Official Strongwoman.  She has competed in 4 national competitions, securing her national championship in 2019 and recently placed 6th at the Arnold Classic World Championships.  It's only up from here.

Favorite tool to train with: Strongman Log

Favorite grip strength exercise: Double overhand axle deadlifts (no straps, of course)

How much chalk she uses: "Chalk is life, I use it anytime I’m in the gym."

Why VIKN:  I want to help represent a company that I believe in and chalk that I know works. 

Fun Fact: She's getting a tattoo based off of a VIKN brand illustration.