Ambassador: Audrey Burgio

Audrey lives in Colorado where she works as a Fitness Trainer and IT Project manager. She trains at the gym or outside, and posts her workouts on Instagram. Audrey’s athletic background is in gymnastics, weightlifting, and kettlebell sport, which she still competes in. Audrey has been instructing kettlebell classes and individuals since 2012, and hosts kettlebell technique clinics all around Colorado. Her accomplishments include Master of Sport, American Record Holder, and 2017-2019 National Champion, all in 24kg snatch (58kg weight class).

Credentials: ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Speed and Agility Certified Trainer, USAKL Certified Kettlebell Instructor, IKLF Certified Kettlebell Fitness Trainer

Favorite tool to train with: Kettlebells... If I have to pick one!

How much chalk she uses: I use so much chalk that people look at me funny.

Favorite grip strength exercise:  Farmer Carry

Why VIKN: I know there are differences in quality when it comes to chalk. I also know VIKN Chalk is the best I have found and I want to share that with the rest of the chalk-using world!