Ambassador: Dave Whitley

Dave Whitley

Dave Whitley is a performing strongman, speaker, and coach in Nashville, TN. He has been lifting since 1980, a martial artist since 1995, a kettlebell instructor since 2003, and a strongman since 2009. Dave owns a gym and also has a 'Shed of Strength' at his home. He is the VP of Dennis Rogers' Oldetime Strongman University, and has taught at instructor certifications including Amazing 12 Week Physique, RKC, and Strongfirst. Dave travels all over to speak, and his current personal goal is a combo feat with a 48kg kettlebell press and a 20lb hammer lever to the nose. He specializes in bending steel, leverage lifting, and smashing coconuts.

Coaching Certifications: Wim Hof Method, Original Strength, Biofeedback, Jook Lum kung fu, 1st dan in Hoshin Budo, & Hoshin Chi Kung.

Favorite tool to train with: Sledgehammers, steel, & kettlebells

How much chalk he uses: How much do you have? ;)

Favorite grip strength exercise: Hammer levering & steel bending

Why VIKN: I use a lot of chalk and am always looking for quality. I heard great things from some of the other VIKN ambassadors.