Ambassador: Gil Goodman

Gil Goodman

Gil Goodman is an engineer and entrepreneur living in Nashville, TN. He started sport climbing and bouldering in 2004 and loved it, but injured his shoulder in an ultimate frisbee accident. After rehabbing his shoulder, he continued weight training and became interested in powerlifting. Around that time, Gil also discovered Captains of Crush grippers and began grip training for fun. He eventually went for the #3 certification and attended his first grip competition.

In his second year of grip training and competing, Gil became the overall champion at South Jersey 4 and 2016 King Kong Grip Challenge. He holds class and world records in various gripper, thick bar, and pinch lifts. Gil's credentials include a StrongFirst SFG Level 1 Instructor and Captains of Crush #3 Certification, and he has performed world class feats including lifting the famous Thomas Inch Dumbbell, the York Blob, Blobzilla, and plate-pinching a pair of old-style York 45's.

Favorite tool to train with: The Flask

Favorite grip strength exercise: The Flask. Pinch strength has tremendous carryover to other forms of grip because thumb strength is so often ignored.

How much chalk he uses: I use chalk on my hands all the way up to the wrist (even on the backs of my hands) and all over my implements. It only takes one drop of sweat to compromise your friction.

Why VIKN: see VIKN as one of the only companies promoting grip across multiple platforms. Working with VIKN can help me spread enthusiasm and information about grip strength, training, and competition.