Ambassador: Marilyn Tuna

Marilyn Tuna

Marilyn Tuna has been a strength and mobility coach at Functional Fitness 858 in Perth, Australia for 6 years. As a child, Marilyn was shy and overweight, but years later some serious car accidents changed her life forever. After dealing with rehab, learning to walk again, and crippling anxiety, Marilyn decided to try weightlifting as an outlet and never looked back!

Marilyn prides herself on teaching healthy movement for lifters and new athletes, with form being the most important aspect of her teaching. As a single mother, business owner, and full time coach, Marilyn has still found time to compete. Her accomplishments include 2nd Place in deadlift and bench at the WAPA State Powerlifting Competition (2016, 2017), First Place Gold State Champion in deadlift, squat, and bench press at the WAPA State Powerlifting Full Meet (2017), and an Australian record in long cycle double bells after the IGSF Worlds in Greece (2017) where she lifted 16kg for 81 reps.

Favorite tool to train with: Kettlebell and Barbell

How much chalk she uses: I'm usually covered head to toe in it on a daily basis, I don't think I could live without it to be honest.

Favorite grip strength exercise: Deadlift, hands down

Why VIKN: I see myself as an ambassador in WA (Western Australia) and Australia wide for strength sports. I have a great passion for driving kettlebell sport here along with smart strength training practices. I feel I'm a good fit for the VIKN brand, being a strong woman and mother, athlete, and spokeswoman. Also I have a nickname here in WA ... It's the Viking woman ;) I never give up. EVER.