Ambassador: Mark Reifkind

Mark Reifkind 

Mark was one of the first personal trainers in California in 1979, and opened up the first kettlebell centric gym called Girya, The Art of Strength in Palo Alto in 2003. Over the years Mark has specialized in gymnastics, ultra running, competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting, and hardstyle kettlebell training. He holds the Florida State All Around gymnastics record and has coached Olympic gymnasts, two professional bodybuilders, and one of the strongest female lifters of all time. Mark is a personal trainer and coaches out of his garage gym in San Jose, CA, which he calls Stones Gym aka The Rifstonian Institute.

For Mark’s 60th birthday he celebrated by doing 100 48kg single arm swings in 5 minutes.

Favorite tool to train with: Kettlebell

How much chalk he uses:  ALL THE CHALK :)

Favorite grip strength exercise:  Heavy single arm kettlebell swings

Why VIKN: I've had my hands in a chalk bowl almost daily since I was 14 in gymnastics and have come to be an aficionado of chalk. I've used virtually every type of chalk available all over the world and think VIKN chalk is the best ever. VIKN's texture, density, grippiness and retention on your hands puts it at the top of the list. Plus the logo is too cool!