Ambassador: Rik Brown

Rik Brown

Rik Brown, aka Mr. Mace Man, is a trainer and seminar teacher out of Orange County. He specializes in mace swinging, kettlebells, and heavy clubs, and took home 1st place at the AKA Vintage Strength Games Mace Competition. Rik trains at Long Beach Kettlebell Club and does online coaching for mace competitions. He is a father of 3, grandfather of 9, and owner of 17 maces.

"You are as old as your doubts, and as young as your dreams."

Favorite tool to train with: Maces and heavy clubs

How much chalk he uses: For every workout - with all 17 of my maces!

Favorite grip strength exercise: Farmers walks and timed bar hangs

Why VIKN: I travel the world teaching what I love. I can't run out of chalk!