Ambassador: Ryan Parr

Ryan Parr

ryan parr

Ryan Parr is the founder of Bear Bones Strength, and a coach at Crossfit SoCo in Colorado Springs, CO. He played football through high school and studied Tae Kwon Do from age 5 to age 21, where he earned 3rd degree black belt and began teaching classes at age 14. After college, Ryan got into what he called “caveman training," which looked a lot like strongman training. He eventually got into CrossFit, but his true loves are strongman and kettlebell training.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, Kettlebell Trainer, Strongman Trainer, Sport Specific Application, Underground Strength Coach L1, Precision Nutrition L1, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer.

Favorite tool to train with: Kettlebell and Bodyweight

Favorite grip strength exercise: Rope Pull Ups and Farmer Carries

How much chalk he uses: None until I really need it. I don't want it to be a crutch, but there comes a point where it's crucial!

Why VIKN: I love the branding, the ethos behind it, how VIKN isn't specialized with just one type of athlete, but branches out to lifters of both barbell and kettlebell, bodyweight, rock climbers, and so forth. Aside from that, I'm very passionate about my heritage, and the Viking mentality has always appealed to me!