Ambassadors: Chris & Sarah Fryer

Chris & Sarah Fryer


Chris and Sarah Fryer are a couple out of Seattle, WA where they train at their swanky Viking garage gym: Fryer’s Forge.

Sarah played soccer throughout high school, and obtained her bachelors degree in exercise science. She is now the Olympic lifting coach for numerous crossfit games athletes, including the 2018 Fittest Teen on Earth (14-15 years old). Sarah is also the coach for the Nationals and Worlds level Olympic Weightlifters.

Sarah's Credentials: CF-L2, USAW L1

Chris played baseball throughout high school and has been doing CrossFit for 5 years now. He felt drawn towards olympic lifting and in 2018 decided to go full-time into that and qualified for Masters Nationals for Olympic Weightlifting in 2019. He is now the Director of Design at Redfin.

"No one is smarter, stronger, or better than you can become."

Favorite tool to train with: Barbell

Favorite grip strength exercise: Heavy cleans

How much chalk they use: We use chalk all day, erryday. Good grip is vital to Olympic lifting.

Why VIKN: We feel like we personify the brand, especially with Chris being a direct descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most notorious and feared Vikings. Chris is basically a Viking with a barbell for an ax. But we also feel like it is a product that lines up really well with our followers and athletes and the needs they have as CrossFitters and Olympic Lifters. Such a small thing as chalk can make or break your lift. How cool is it that there is a chalk company with such a great brand?!