VIKN figure 8 lifting straps for barbell.
Front view of VIKN figure 8 lifting straps for barbell.
Close up of VIKN figure 8 lifting strap for barbell.

Heavy Duty Figure 8 Lifting Straps

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VIKN PERFORMANCE Heavy Duty Lifting Straps are built VIKN tough for superior durability during the heaviest lifts.  The cotton basketweave construction and double loop design is easier to strap into and will lock your grip onto whatever type of bar you are lifting.  Essential equipment for strongman or powerlifting training allowing overload training with deadlifts or rack-pulls without grip strength as the limiting factor.  

The dual reinforced top-stitching provides additional strength while the seam stitching located in the at the cross-over point creates a a more secure anchor point than the traditional end-loop seam.  

1.75 in width

0.25 in thick

Come in 3 sizes (measured in total length of cotton webbing):  

Small (23.6", 60cm) - Youth, women , wrist circumference up  to 6.75” for a barbell

Medium (27.6", 70cm) - Wrist circumference over 6.75" for lifting a barbell 

Large (31.5", 80cm) - Best for lifting axle or for Odin's hands