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filing down calluses with SandBar
SandBar, you rebel ;)
SandBar for your battered, callused hands

SandBar Callus File

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SandBar is the most sleek & efficient callus file in all the land. And you can buy it from VIKN in one of our favorite colors! 100% waterproof, easy to transport, and comes with BarButter hand salve. Your hands will thank you.

SandBar is a quality functional skin file that has been carefully designed to keep hard working hands working

Regularly filing down calluses keeps your skin healthy and functional, preventing thick build up of dead skin (aka the callus) which greatly decreases likelihood of rips and tears.

100% Waterproof

Each kit comes with a SandBar®, BarButter™, a 100% all-natural salve formulated specifically for dry and damaged hands and a reusable protective tube.

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