A 9" wide kiss cut vinyl sticker with Gold VIKN logo.
Robert Oberst uses VIKN Performance chalk out of a black chalk bucket and wears a VIKN black crew tee in 3XL.
Woman kettlebell sport lifter chalks hands above VIKN chalk bucket at local gym.
Man chalks hands with VIKN chalk out of a black VIKN chalk bucket at Mr. Olympia Sports Festival.
Strongwoman lifter holds heavy kettlebells at Mr. Olympica Sports Festival.

VIKN Kiss Cut Vinyl Sticker

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Upgrade any smooth surface (particularly your chalk vessel) with our classic, hammered gold logo on black.

These 9" wide kiss cut stickers are made from durable vinyl that resists scratching, heat, water and sunlight (although indoor use is recommended).


- Make sure surface is clean and free of dust and debris

- Easily peel sticker from backing

- Carefully align sticker and adhere the middle of the sticker first

- With hand, slowly adhere sticker from middle to edge, one side at a time

- Firmly push out any air bubbles to the edge

- Admire your newly improved surface


* Chalk bucket and chalk not included*

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