VIKN Chalk is glad to be back. During Covid, much of the world was brought to a screeching halt, and we weren’t immune. Prior to covid, with much of our product coming from outsourcing and importing, shipping costs and product costs were rising. It got to a point that a lot of the new product coming in wasn’t meeting our standards and as such we decided to pull our name out of the ring since we couldn’t stand behind the product as proudly and still offer it at a reasonable price. Fast forward, we’ve found an opportunity with a 100% USA based manufacturing and distribution revitalization.

  • We are proud to stand behind our products and are confident this will be the best chalk and chalk products we’ve ever been able to offer. Lab grade and quality controlled right here in the USA, this new improved formula is sure to bring back nostalgic feelings of the old chalk as well as reaffirm that we are the best in the business!!! We’ve also brought a new face to the family to help with operations, marketing, and distribution. Ross Bell is heading up the team from our new location based in Michigan! Looking forward to helping each of our customers “Acquire the grip of the gods” and crush your next lift.


Owner / operator - VIKN Performance

    • IKFF LVL 2 Coach
    • Kettlebell Athlete and Personal Trainer
    • Master of Sport ranking
    • WKSF US Nationals team member
    • IKMF Competitor
    • Extreme Marathon Competitor
    • Personal Trainer 14+ years
    • Gym Owner
    • Former Competitive Rock Climber
    • Father of 5