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The first release of the VIKN Gods collection. Available while supplies last!!! 

This is a pre-sale item. The pre-order will run now until 2-9-24. Your shirts will ship after the pre-sale has concluded. After pre-sale quantities will be extremely limited and this entry in the GODS collection will only be available until the stock runs out. It will then be sent to Valhalla and live out its days as a memory!

Unleash your inner berserker with this premium Bella-Canvas Tee. Sublimation printing to ensure the softest feeling tee while you destroy your workout or your enemies. Blood red to hide the battle wounds and light enough to keep your blade or hammer swinging freely. 

Acquire the grip of the gods with this limited-run T-shirt and VIKN will also include a sample of our premium lab-grade chalk as well!

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